Sunday, October 9, 2011

Review: Stephanie Chong - Where Demons Fear to Tread

The Company of Angels Series:
Book 1:
Where Demons Fear to Tread: Julian Ascher and Serena St. Clair
Serena is a brand new Guardian Angelwith her first assignee. Her first assignment is Hollywood’s “It” guy Nick.   Nick is determined to live it up and destroy his life in the process which brings him to “Devils Paradise” the most happening club in LA.  Serena is hoping to save Nick from himself so she follows him to the club and finds herself face to face with the most powerful demon in LA, Julian Ascher. All young angels are warned about the Archdemon’s in particular Julian.  Julian savors his power especially when it’s corrupting another young human soul.   When he spy’s a guardian angel in his club that is one challenge he can’t pass up. The young Serena intrigues him and he can’t wait to get his hands on her body as well as her soul. Within minutes of meeting Julian Serena knows she is being circled by a shark.  Like a moth to a flame she can’t help her attraction to the handsome Archdemon. After one kiss she knows she is in serious trouble, and because of her assignee she can’t seem to escape Julian.  When Julian finds Serena’s biggest weakness (her brother) he uses it to his full advantage and whisks her away to Vegas with the treat to her brother hanging above their heads.  Vegas is the perfect place to unleash his full demonic powers, but danger lurks around every corner.
This book was alright, there really wasn’t anything that stood out about the book. The plot never really took me anyplace I haven’t already been; in fact it reminded me a lot of Cherry Lynn’s “Sweet Disgrace”, which I enjoyed quite a bit.  Serena was just too perfect, in her human life as well as her afterlife as an angel.  She died at the young age of 24 a hero, who had never fully lived life always holding back. As an angel she is even more uptight then she was a human, which is hard to imagine. I couldn’t relate to her at all, I couldn’t even really find myself liking her. There wasn’t anything for me to grab onto, her personality was so limited. Julian was at least better, obviously he had flaws but he had his good side too. There was more to grab onto with Julian, more there for you to work with.  Plus it helps that he is a totally gorgeous alpha male type demon. You know the type, protective, possessive, yet generous for his woman.  But even Julian couldn’t save this story for me, it was just flat, which I am really sad about because I was really looking forward to this book. The ingredients are all there I just wanted more spice. I think a lot of people will be entertained by this story and should at least check it out.

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