Monday, December 20, 2010

Larissa Ione - Desire Unchained

Demonica Series:

Book 2:
Desire Unchained – Shade and Runa Wagner

When Shade wakes up chained with a woman nearby, he is not surprised, what is surprising is that he is in a dungeon and not a comfy bed. When he opens his eyes and sees the woman nearby is Runa that delectable human he briefly dated almost a year ago until she caught him in bed with two demon women… Hey she was supposed to be busy and what is a Seminus demon supposed to do?  Runa is PISSED!!! Not only is she in a dungeon but she’s chained up next to the man she hates more than any other.  In the past year everything bad that has happened to her has been related to Shade the man (or so she thought) she once loved.  First she catches him in bed with not just one woman but two and then as she is fleeing his apartment she is attacked by a werewolf and is turned, so now she gets furry at least once a month, and now when she went back to Shades apartment to have it out with him she is captured and thrown in a dungeon and she just knows she is going to die.  When Shade is taken out to be tortured he finds out that Roag his supposed to be dead brother is still alive and behind capturing him and Runa as well as the harvesting of demon  organs that has been occurring over the last couple of years.  Shade doesn’t know how he is going to get himself and Runa out of this mess alive but he knows he has to do it somehow.  As a torture tactic Roag gets into Shade’s and Runa’s heads and they wake up mated. Shade is terrified, he is cursed and he can’t fall in love, if he does than he will lose his physical form and be a phantom for eternity, and never has he been tempted to fall…. Until Runa… The more time he spends with her the closer he comes to the curse kicking in and he doesn’t know what to do. Now not only does he has Roag to contend with he has this damn curse hanging over his head!

Again Larissa Ione does not disappoint! There is non-stop excitement in this book; you will be entertained from beginning to end.  Runa has the right amount of compassion/ level headedness to feisty ratio, she certainly doesn’t let Shade plow over her like she had in the past.  It didn’t really come as a surprise to me that Roag wasn’t dead, I did kind of see that one coming but even though it wasn’t a surprise it was still a good twist. And of course all your favorites from the previous book make an appearance in this one as well.

5 moons out of 5

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