Monday, December 20, 2010

Larissa Ione - Pleasure Unbound

Demonica Series:

Book 1:
Pleasure Unbound – Eidolon and Tayla Mancuso

Eidolon is a Seminus demon who decided to use his gifts for the good of demon kind; him and his brothers (Shade and Wraith) started Underworld Hospital (UGH) from the ground up decades ago and after a lot of blood, sweat and tears it has become what it has always envisioned it to be a safe haven for all demons no matter the species to come and be healed.  Tayla has had a hard life, her mother was an addict and severely unstable.  When Tayla was 16 she walked in on a demon raping her mother and was forced to watch him until her mother was killed. Tayla took to the streets until the Aegis took her in. As a guardian she gets to do her favorite thing, kill demons! She never looked too hard into the fact that she is stronger, faster and a better fighter then her counterparts. When Tayla ends up on Eidolon’s operating table he is unsure if he should kill the slayer or save her, finally his oath as a doctor is remembered and he decides to save her, but he finds something unusual about her anatomy, it appears as though she is at least half demon. When Tayla wakes up there is an explosive attraction between her and Eidolon and things end up getting heavy on the hospital bed.  

The war between Demons and Guardians are heating up as more and more demons are ending up in the hospital with vital organs missing. Who else could be harvesting demon organs except the Aegis, after all they hate all demons and they can make a killing on the black market for demon parts. When the hospital employees want to take Tayla to torture her for information E knows he can’t let that happen and decides to protect her from his own kind.  From here there the warring continues, E and Tayla warring between loving and hating each other, Tayla’s body warring with itself as the demon half is trying to take over, E warring with himself as his S'genesis approaches, as well as the never ending war between the demons and Aegis.  With all that’s happening can these two come together in love before it’s too late?

This series gets off on the right foot you are hooked from the beginning! The action starts from the get go and keeps on going straight through, it is defiantly not boring at all.  With a lot of series the first book seems to set the stage and the tone for the rest of the series so they can start off slow, but this is not the case with this book.  The dynamic between the characters is well thought out, developed and written, you never feel like something is missing or under developed. This series is the first that I have read by Larissa Ione, but I can tell you I want more!

5 out of 5 moons.

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