Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Larissa Ione - Ecstasy Unveiled

Demonica Series:

Book 4:
Ecstasy Unveiled - Lore and Idess

Lore is a half breed Seminus demon assassin, up until a couple of weeks ago he didn’t know what kind of demon he was let alone that he had three overbearing brothers. He didn’t find that out until he tried to kill the men and they recognized them as one of their own.  At the last attempt for the “end of the world as we know” Lore brought Kynan back to life with his power, now he is the only one that can kill him with the exception of Fallen Angels.  When Lore is contracted to kill Kynan he refuses until his sister Sin’s life is threatened and Lore will do anything to keep Sin safe after he failed to do so, so many years. That is his greatest source of guilt and he has plenty of reasons to feel guilt.  Idess is a Memitim, an earth bound pre-ascension angel who is tasked with protecting Primori which can be humans or demons that will change the course of history. Kynan (THE most important human on the planet) is one of Idess’s current Primori and she CANNOT fail him, if he does she will never be able to Ascend and earn her wings.  Idess meets Lore when he is trying to kill Kynan, she manages to get in some good blows but she is shot by Tayla who thought she was trying to kill Kynan. When Lore is after Kynan once more suddenly Primori status is bestowed upon Lore and Idess is now to protect him as well as Kynan. Can things get more complicated for Idess?!? So she grabs Lore and plans to chain him up until the contract duration is up. But all the best laid plans….

Lore and Idess are actually a lot alike; both have the heavy burden of guilt towards their siblings and are both very lonely.  Lore abandoned Sin when she needed him the most; unable to control himself after his first maturation cycle he feared himself and took off.  This guilt is what lead him into being an assassin.  Idess betrayed her brother when he needed her help and has been carrying that guilt around for over 500 years. This betrayal is probably why she has not ascended into heaven yet which is the thing she has desired most in the world. Due to the nature of Lore’s “gift” he has been unable to touch anyone for the last 100+ years except his sibling without killing them.  The fear of killing innocent people has lead Lore to a recluse and engages in very little social contact. Idess has been alone for 500 years since her brother ascended; he was the one person she was close to.  When Lore and Idess meet suddenly neither one is so alone anymore and their connection is instant. Can these two battle the great evils that are determined to destroy them both or will one or both of them be destroyed in the fight against evil.

I adore Lore an Idess they clash yet complement each other, when they work together they are a great team, when they are on opposing teams the clash of wills and muscles is explosive! Violence brought them together but love keeps them together.  This story will keep you turning pages; I could not put it down! It’s the age old story of good (or maybe very tarnished good) versus evil but it never seems to get old especially when Larissa Ione is writing about it. There are some curve balls thrown in just to keep you guessing!

5 moons out of 5
I can’t wait to read the next book!

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