Sunday, July 24, 2011

Review: Stephanie Rowe - Kiss At Your Own Risk

Soulfire Series:
Book 1:
Kiss At Your Own Risk: Blaine Underhill and Trinity Harpswell
Finally, finally after 150 years of torture Blaine and his three most trusted buddies are on the verge of escaping the castle of vicious torture. Such torture as: making the warriors thrust fiery blades into each other; pour acid on their organs, and learn such girly tasks as cross stitching and knitting, and those are just the milder forms of torture they have had to endure. Only the strongest survive and only the dream of escaping has kept those alive, sane. Just as Blaine and crew are about to bust out of there, they are betrayed and one man is left behind. Blaine leaves no man behind, but he has no idea how to find the realm again let alone how to kill the witch, Angelina. Trinity Harpswell is a black widow, any man she loves, she kills. Finally, finally she is about to kick the curse, she is one week away. All she has to do is not kill anyone for one week, just one little week and she’s home free. Too bad this week is shaping up to be a killer week. Blaine needs a Black Widow and he needs one now, only a Black Widow knows how to kill any living being that it is presented with, it is part of the curse. Blaine learns that there is a Black Widow in the Boston area, one Trinity Harpswell, so he decides to abduct her and force her to help him. In the course of not trying to kill anyone Trinities father is forced to kill someone before she does, which puts him in the sites of Death himself. Trinity can save her father if she kills some shape shifter that no one else has been able to kill. Trinity is in the process of trying to figure out how to save her father as well as herself when she is kidnapped by a gorgeous, tall, hot (literally) warrior. He is ranting at her that he needs her to help him kill some woman to save his friend, as if she doesn’t’ have enough problems of her own. While arguing with each other they realize that maybe just maybe they can help each other. It’s a good thing Trinity finds Blaine so infuriating, because the minute he stops being the object of her hatred, he becomes the object of her murderous black widow rage.
Ok, so at first I found this world created a little bizarre, but I quickly ended up loving it! I mean come on, a black widowed cursed female, a cross stitching warrior. Death is a handsome, charismatic, business man. Trinity’s best friend is one of Deaths most promising assistants and leads souls home. Humans live side by side with all sorts of different immortal beings. It’s a world that doesn’t take itself too seriously so it works in this book. Rowe has a great sense of humor so you will find yourself laughing often in this book. As for the characters they are all enduring even the “side characters”. Trinity is a black widow but is trying so hard to not be ruled by her curse, she tries to have a normal life, but finds that she has to date undesirable men (such as a serial killer) and eliminates everything that inspires passion from her life. She finds purpose wherever she can; she works at a shelter for woman going through bad break ups. Trinity wishes she had a bad break up, all her relationships have ended in death, theirs… Blaine is an emotionally and physically traumatized warrior. His father gave him to the witch when he was 4 years old, knowing what would become of Blaine, and from there it was non-stop torture at the hands of Angelina and her “girls”. Although, due Angelina’s black magic, he did get some cool powers such as being able to engulf himself in flames and basically being immortal. So, he guesses it wasn’t all bad, even if he does have some seriously girly habits. There is some serious action in this book, it is non-stop beginning to end and there are a lot of players in this series so you have to keep up but, I was quickly sucked into this book and couldn’t wait to move on to the next one. These characters became some of my favorites and I am so glad I found this series!

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