Sunday, October 23, 2011

Review: Alexandra Ivy - Darkness Revealed

Guardians of Eternity:

Book 4:

Darkness Revealed: Conde Cezar and Anna Randal

In London over 200 years ago, Cezar and Anna attend the same party, Cezar seduces an innocent Anna and he is punished by the commission for the next 200 years.  Anna wakes from her seduction and everything has changed, her home is burned down killing her aunt and cousin, she is forced to survive on her own and now after Cezar’s bite she is not aging.  200 years later Anna wants answers from Cezar and she wants them now!  Anna has no idea why she has not aged a day in 200 years and has developed some strange powers and fears it is because it is from Cezar, who she thinks may be a vampire if one can really believe in vampires.  Since they last met Cezar has been dreaming of Anna, unable to get her out of his mind and now the commission has sent him to protect her, knowing already he will with his very life if he has to.  Since Anna has arrived in Chicago to confront Cezar her life has been in danger, someone very powerful wants her dead.   Now Anna must learn to develop and control her powers because her and Cezar’s lives depend on it!

The passion in this book burns hot, even after 200 years and even with all of the distrust these two are drawn to each other, like a moth to a flame.  Cezar has a fierce desire to protect Anna, even from herself.  Anna is coming into a lot of power that overwhelms her that she can’t always control. She has a powerful force after her and she must struggle with her powers, her feelings towards Cezar and her desire for justice! Good thing she’s just the woman to handle it all and be victorious!


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