Sunday, October 23, 2011

Review: Alexandra Ivy - Darkness Everlasting

Guardians of Eternity:

Book 3:

Darkness Everlasting: Styx and Darcy Smith

Styx is the new and reluctant Anasso, (Leader of all Vampires) it’s a highly overrated position that he never wanted to begin with, but with the death of the previous Anasso he was the only one in a position to take over before chaos within the vampire nation ensued.  Right now his biggest pain is Salvatore Giuliani the King of the Werewolves who is blaming Styx for his entire races problems.   Styx’s knows Salvatore is after Darcy, but what he doesn’t know is why and he is determined to get to her before Salvatore does.  Darcy Smith is an orphan who is all alone in the world who keeps a low profile; suddenly she has gone from the most unknown women in Chicago to the most popular!  Kidnapped by Styx, Darcy is suddenly thrown into the world of demons she knows nothing about and her head is spinning not just because of this new world but by Styx himself, tall and incredibly gorgeous, she is aware of him more than any other man she has ever met.  Darcy has been forced to be on the outskirts of life, she is faster, stronger and heals faster than any other human as well as does not seem to age and because of that people have labeled her a freak, but with meeting Styx’s maybe now she will be able to find out why she is different. Styx’s knows that Darcy is more than human and probably a mix of human and demon but like everyone else he cannot figure out what!?! The only person who seems to have any answers is Salvatore and Styx’s is not about to let him have her.

It is great reading as Darcy thaws Styx’s icy fa├žade. For centuries he has had little emotion and relied on his cold logic in all decisions which has served him well for over 2000 years.  Styx’s confusion in all these messy emotions is fun to “watch” as he tries to figure it out and as he is lead in circles by a tiny slip of a woman.  Darcy is one of those loveable characters that tries to make the best out of any situation, she takes being kidnapped in stride and finds the news of possibly being a demon as a sort of blessing (at least it explains some things).  She will not be ordered around by any of these over bearing men. She has her own mind and is not afraid to speak her up! You are sucked into Darcy’s warm heart, cheering for her as she exerts her will and goes on a search to find out what she is.


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