Sunday, October 23, 2011

Review: Alexandra Ivy - Embrace the Darkness

Guardians of Eternity:

Book 2:

Embrace the Darkness: Viper and Shay

Viper is an ancient vampire, jaded with life - when you have lived over a 1000 years you have seen and done pretty much everything there is to do.  Viper coasts through life until he meets Shay a Shalott Demon mongrel (Half demon and half human) when he helping Dante and Abby battle the witches intent on destroying everything he holds dear.. his life! For weeks Viper is unable to get Shay out of his mind and he scours Chicago looking for her until he finds her.  Shay is sick and tired of the damn curse! For 80 years her life has not been her own, she has belonged to the despicable Evor who yet again is selling her to the highest bidder, she’d kill him but then she would die too.  Viper attends the auction and bids on Shay, when the bidding is complete an unseen force attacks trying to take Shay from Viper when he has only just found her again. After several other attacks Viper is determined to find who is trying to take HIS Shalott Demon from him, he protects what is his and Shay is most defiantly HIS and he will protect her with his very life.

Alexandra Ivy certainly knows how to pack action into a novel and this book is no exception!  Viper and Shay battle it out with an unknown enemy while battling each other.  Shay is certainly attracted to Viper but she certainly isn’t going to make it easy for him and Viper is determined that he make it as hard as he can for Shay to continue to say no.  It’s a war on all fronts and you can’t help but read to see what happens next.   Viper plays the jaded playboy well, always getting what he wants and isn’t afraid to play dirty to get it!  Shay is a warrior in heart and body, she may be a slave but NO ONE can break her will! You really feel for her as she tries to reconcile both halves of herself; the demon and human not belonging truly in either world. Anyone who has ever felt alone and like an outsider will relate with Shay and any woman who is a warrior at heart will love her kick ass and take names attitude!  In this book you will also meet Levit who is an adorable 3 foot French Gargoyle, he is too cute for words and he will be rescuing damsels in distress in later books as well!


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