Sunday, October 23, 2011

Review: Alexandra Ivy - When Darkness Comes

Guardians of Eternity:

Book 1:

When Darkness Comes: Dante: Abby Barlow

Dante is a vampire chained to Selena known as the Chalice created over 300 years ago by a coven of witches to protect the spirit of the Phoenix by residing it within a mortal woman.  Abby is hired to be a companion to the eccentric Selena, Selena might be demanding and odd but she needs this job! It pays well, rent is due and there is the side benefit of being able to look at the arrogant Dante every day.  Dante is drawn to Abby and has been trying to lure her into his bed for months.  In the middle of what Abby considers a really bad day, from dropping a priceless Ming Vase, to Dante continuing to be well… Dante, oh yeah not to mention an earth shattering explosion in the house!  When Abby runs to Selena’s room (nearing the earth shattering part) with one action she changes her entire existence.  As Selena is on the verge of dying she reaches out and touches Abby and now every demon (which she didn’t even know existed) in Chicago is after her and Dante is now the only one who can protect her and hopefully get the Phoenix out of her, being a Goddess is highly overrated when you are trying to be killed every 5 minutes!  

This book takes you through many twists and turns as Abby and Dante are chased through Chicago and surrounding areas trying to evade dark evil forces and at the same time find the coven of witches to try to find a new home for the Phoenix. The action in this book will keep you turning the pages as the smoldering passion between Dante and Abby, infuses with a dangerous journey into a world filled with never-ending peril!  Abby is a character that any women can relate to; having a hard life and just trying to survive her existence. There is innocence and vulnerability about her yet at the same time a backbone made of steel! Dante is a male anyone would want, tall dark and gorgeous – a warrior who looks like a pirate with the soul of a poet, what’s not to love!


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  1. Looks like a really interesting series to keep an eye out for.